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NEW!  The Down To Earth Dad
"Article-And-Artwork Delivery System"
for Schools, Parents, and Programs!

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This is “The Original” Down To Earth Dad monthly newsletter for parents, schools, and programs -- proven effective at getting men involved for the past 12 years!

The NEW feature is the online "article-and-artwork delivery system" that makes it EASY to cut-and-paste father-involvement articles right into your *OWN* publications each month.  That means it'll be easier than ever to put together your school newsletter, parent newsletter, or district newsletter.  Even individual teachers can use the content for their classroom newsletters!  

And... you can choose to print out (and copy) the already-formatted four-page newsletter "As-Is" if you like, and give it to your parents.  See Testimonials.

Who Should Take the “4-Minute DEMO”?

n School Principals (Elementary Edition)

n Head Start Directors (Preschool Edition)

n    PTA / PTO Presidents

n District Administrators

n Teachers

n Parent-Involvement Specialists

Available in Preschool & Elementary Editions
(and English
AND Spanish!)

Q - Why Take the “4-Minute DEMO”?

 To *SEE* Firsthand How This Unique System...

>  Gets Your Men More Involved!

>  Makes Your *Own* Parent Newsletter BETTER Than Ever.  (And easier to put together!)  Puts Ready-To-Use Content Into Your *Own* Monthly Publications -- school newsletters, classroom newsletters, letters home, and flyers.

>  Gives you an already-formatted 4-Page Fatherhood Newsletter that you can print out "as-is" and give to *ALL* your families.

>  Dads and Grandpas Love It -- And Moms Do, Too!

>  And you'll get to *SEE it* firsthand, during the DEMO!

How To Book Your "4-Minute DEMO"

Call 1-877-282-DADS or Email Patrick Mitchell to Reserve Your "4-Minute DEMO."


Please Note:  You'll need to be "online," and on the phone at the same time, to take the 4-Minute DEMO.  Contact us to arrange a day and time for your DEMO.

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Dads:  Subscribe to The Down To Earth Dad Newsletter Today!
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