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Finally Recorded!  Discover and Use the 'Secrets of The Down To Earth Dad' That Have Motivated Thousands!

Parents LOVE reading The Down to Earth Dad monthly newsletter.  But let’s face it:  Getting some parents “reading” much of anything can be a challenge these days.

Here’s the thing… many young adults would rather “listen” to iPods or CDs if given a choice.   I’m a realist – I know some people absolutely require AUDIO-delivery of information to gain knowledge.  Some people are “auditory learners.”

So here’s what I did – I turned 40 The Down to Earth Dad  original printed articles into “AUDIO ARTICLES” … and I put them onto FOUR CDs – (and I also loaded all that audio content onto Mp3 players – for parents and educators to listen to.)

The Result:  Now you can deliver father-involvement information to your Dads’ (and mom’s) ears as well as their eyes!

These audio articles have been painstakingly and meticulously developed and edited in a professional recording studioso you are getting “top-notch” audio information on father Involvement.

                     “…Teaches Your Dads to

Talk the Talkand

Walk the Walk’ of INVOLVED Fatherhood…”

These audio articles will put an “I’M-AN-INVOLVED-DAD” swagger into your Dads’ step.  You'll see it when they walk into your program or school.  Your Dads deserve to feel proud—when they’re doing their best to be super-involved fathers, wouldn’t you agree?  


I’ll MAIL you FOUR “Audio” CDs containing forty (40) audio articles – ALL ABOUT-DADS and Father Involvement.  These “Audio Articles” are straight from The Down to Earth Dad  newsletter (now in it’s 10th year of circulation to schools, programs, and parents.)

You can put these AUDIO CDs in your “LENDING LIBRARY” – and loan them out to your parents.  And, if you purchase the “Site License” offered with the CDs, you can “Burn” the CDs for your own local use, within your own local program or school, and it allows your parents to “burn” the audio articles directly onto their iPods!

What You Get…

1      You get 40 Down To Earth Dad “audio articles” – (on 4 “AUDIO CDs”) for your "Lending Library."  This is SUPERB dad-involvement info (over FIVE HOURS -- split into 40 short, digestible audio bits) – about HOW to be a SUPER dad.

2    You get an “Mp3 Player” LOADED to the gills with 40 Down to Earth Dad  articles IF YOU ORDER THE FOUR-CD SET.  (The Mp3 player comes with “Ear Buds" – which are those small “headphones” that everyone is using these days in their iPod or computer to listen to music.)

3    Option to Purchase a Site License to “BURN” the audio tracks onto a computer at your program or school, and/or to make your own CDs for use by ALL the parents directly served by your local program or school, and/or to allow your parents to "Burn" the audio tracks onto their iPods or other electronic devices, including home computers.


One (1) CD.………….….… [10 Audio Articles] ………….……..…$69.95

      Order with a "Site License" for Your Program or School:        Add $35.00

Two (2) CDs………….…...  [20 Audio Articles] ………….…….…$109.95

      Order with a "Site License" for Your Program or School:        Add $55.00

Three (3) CDs………….…...  [30 Audio Articles] ………….………$139.95

      Order with a "Site License" for Your Program or School:        Add $75.00

Four (4) CDs………….…...  [40 Audio Articles] ………….………$159.95

      Order with a "Site License" for Your Program or School:        Add $95.00

About the Site License:  The “Site License Option” allows you to COPY the CDs and/or to invite your parents to “BURN” the tracks onto their iPods or personal computers for their own, personal use.

IMPORTANT:  You cannot copy, burn, or otherwise reproduce ANY of the audio articles on the CDS unless your purchase the “Site License”.

“Tried, Tested, Refined and

Perfected For Most of a DECADE!”

All 40 “audio articles” started out as printed articles appearing in The Down to Earth Dad  monthly newsletter.  Each audio article is based on first-hand personal interviews conducted by Down To Earth Dad Founder Patrick Mitchell.  The interviews are with EXPERTS on father involvement including interviews with “heavy-hitter” experts and authors from a variety of disciplines and academic backgrounds—all on the topic of ‘Father Involvement’ relative to their research, discipline, and fields of study.  Many of these articles are one-of-a-kind “exclusives" that you will not find elsewhere.

So, you are getting GREAT information, and it means you can be assured of the validity and QUALITY of the information.  It's the same great information that's available in the print version of The Down to Earth Dad monthly newsletter... but shortened slightly, and consolidated for "audio." 

"Professionally Recorded for Maximum Impact”

Each of these 40 Audio Articles on the FOUR CDS (and on the .MP3 Player) was recorded in a professional recording studio by Patrick Mitchell, founding editor of The Down to Earth Dad monthly newsletter (now in its 9th year of national and international circulation) after much editing and polishing for maximum impact.

“This Is ‘Father Involvement Info’

That Can Change Lives!”

Many dads tell me they WISH their own fathers had been more involved.  These 40 Audio Tracks about father involvement are an insurance policy that the children in your program will have INVOLVED FATHERS in their lives.  And that can be life-altering in the most positive of ways!!

And after all, isn't it about time to REALLY EMPOWER YOUR DADS to SUCCEED at parenthood?

See The "Play List"...

Disk 1

Leveraging Our Boys into Manhood

Successful dads must strike a balance between being protectors and encouragers as their sons try new things. They need to anticipate what they need and provide it as elegantly as possible.

The Power of Play

There’s a biological basis and developmental need for children to play with their fathers—and to play rough sometimes. Why two-year-olds would make fearsome soldiers if they weighed 400 pounds, and what happens to animals when they play strangely with other animals.

A Father's Magic Touch
…A Good, Simple Thing a Dad Can Do

How physical touch—bear hugs, back rubs, and wrestling on the living room floor—make for close father-child relationships and causes kids to experience less stress, deeper sleep, enhanced school performance, and better social interactions.

Fathers and Daughters
…Dads Make All the Difference

Dads have a major impact on their daughters’ cognitive, social, and emotional development—including their self-esteem. Girls look to their fathers for approval. Why dads need to respect their daughter’s privacy.

Role Modeling

How father involvement at home influences a child’s school performance. Why kids achieve more academically, and enjoy school more, when their dads broaden their life experiences by being involved.

Problem Solving
…How Dads Help Kids Tackle Tasks

Dads who teach their children problem-solving skills teach them to be taskmasters of their own universe and to succeed in school, and in life.

Fathers and Sons
…‘It's Not Personal; It's Just Business’

Boys with involved dads have more confidence to solve problems and tackle frustrating situations. How fathers prepare their sons for the world in an almost businesslike manner—keeping them in line, and providing a safety net when they fall.

Gimmee… Gimmee… Gimmee
…How Kids Get What They Think They Need

How advertising aimed at children causes stressed out, overworked parents to feel guilty if they don’t buy what’s being offered, and how kids sometimes capitalize on this guilt by equating money with love.

Dads Who Stay Home

Over 2 Million American dads stay home to care for the kids, but don’t get the wrong idea; these guys might cook, vacuum, and change diapers, but they’re no ‘Mom-Wannabes.’ They’re dads, through and through.

A Fine Whine
…How to Stop Your Kids From Talking B a-a-a-a-a-k

Some adults whine about everything. Keep your kids from becoming one of those adults by tuning in to their real reasons for whining in the first place.

Disk 2

Setting Limits
Hear a Sample Now!
…How to Say "No" To Your Kids

Learn the ‘Golden Rule’ for telling your children ‘No,’ and teach your kids to set their own limits, thereby avoiding what a renowned child psychiatrist and child-behavior expert calls committing ‘parental suicide.’

Significant Males
…Getting Good Men and Kids Together

Children need their fathers, and other good men, too, involved in their lives. How good adult-child relationships can last a lifetime.

Quantity Time

How to make more time for your kids out of the limited time you have. Why dads who think they’re strengthening their relationship with their child by spending short bursts of so-called "quality time" with them might be shortchanging the relationship—if they forget to log quantity time along the way.

…Separate, Safe, Autonomous Relationships

How nature has hard-wired children to receive information from their grandparents. Why the way you treat your own father today will influence how your child treats you, when you’re old and gray.

Traveling Dads
...How Fathers Can Stay in Touch Over the Miles…

Creative strategies for dads who travel or live separately from their kids—including shared custody and lack of custody. How to stay in warm, close contact and avoid wasting precious time playing catch-up when you see your kids.

Calm Ability
...The Capacity for Fathers to Model Calmness

Dads who model calmness give their kids a leg up in the world. Meanwhile, anxious, stressed-out fathers can cause their children to be stressed out too. How to become a calmer dad.

Play and Literacy
…How Dads Help Kids Learn to Read

How dads beef up their child’s literacy by adding a few key ingredients to “playtime” with their kids.

Exceptional Dads
…Just Right for Kids with Special Needs

Dads of kids with special needs are often wrongly presumed to be detached from their families and unimportant to their children, but that’s untrue. Like all dads, they have a major influence on their child with a disability—and lots to share with other fathers.

Admirable Dads
…Why ‘Being There’—Emotionally—Is So Important

Three things dads must do (and one thing dads must not do) to be great parents, according to a clinical professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

The Epidemic
…How Parents Can Take Back Their Kids

How eating dinner with your kids, going places together, and talking about life prevents them from becoming selfish, self-serving people who can’t tell right from wrong and who live without self-control and responsibility.

Disk 3

Teaching Respect
… Saying 'No' Is Not Enough

Does your child kick and scream and protest when you tell them ‘No?’ That’s not disrespect (believe it or not); rather, it’s often their anger at feeling powerless, and dads shouldn’t take it personally. How using humor, and re-directing the child can work wonders when you feel you’ve just been ‘dissed.’

Say Uncle!

Why inviting Uncle Tim to dinner tonight is a really good idea, if you can convince him to show up, that is—because he might not feel fully welcome to interact meaningfully with your kids.

The Dad Factor

How low self-esteem, underdeveloped social skills, and poor school performance can plague kids who don’t have involved fathers.

At Home on the Job

Your job can literally drive you crazy, if you let it, spoiling time with your kids after work when you’re at home. How to balance work life and home life—for the sake of your kids (and your sanity).

Dads Make a Difference
…The Eight Skills of Success

How dads can cultivate their children’s inherent strengths, and turn their kids into a raving success in something—anything—from sports to dancing to relating to others.

Talking To Tots
…How Dads Help Build Kids' Brains

Talk, talk, (and talk some more!) to your child, because their brain development depends on LOTS of input from their dad. How fathers shape their kids’ brains by the things they say and do, and why, unless you activate their brain by interacting with them, parts of their brain might never develop at all.

Responsible Kids
…Teaching Your Children to Be Good People

How to avoid the trap of punishing-and-rewarding your kids and, instead, teach them to find their way to responsible adulthood based on the roadmap you provide.

Community Fathers
...How Men in ‘THE HOOD’ Impact Kids’ lives

American neighborhoods have changed dramatically in the past two decades. Why dads are reluctant to get involved and role-model positive behaviors to kids on the block. Hear how things “used to be,” and consider what you can do in your neighborhood today.

Dads Helping Dads

Millions of fathers never realize their full potential as parents, ignoring many of the strengths and assets already within them. How to tap your “fathering capacity” for your children’s sake—and the sake of other people’s kids.

Dad's Club
…Getting Dads Involved at School

How dads who volunteer at school—on the playground at lunchtime, and at special events—enhance their child’s school experience.

Disk 4

The Story That Must Be Told
Hear a Sample Now!

Telling stories to children is a hallmark of great fatherhood, and the dad who tells his kids stories about himself bestows upon them wonderful gifts—the lessons, the laughter, and the secrets of life. How dads become part of the oldest tradition known to man by opening their memory to their child’s imagination and telling the true stories of their childhood.

Dads Who Care
…Teach Their Kids to Care Also

Why older children desperately need their dads to show them love, the same way younger kids crave that same love, and how dads can role-model caring behaviors their kids will copy as adults.

Love at First Sight
…The Huge Impact Dads Have on Newborn's Lives

Two-month-olds expect their dads to play differently with them than their moms. Fathers jazz things up, and they expect a different kind of reaction from their child. How this expectation effects the way children develop.

Kids with Special Needs
…Need Help from Their Community

Some children with autism and other special needs get hassled by adults in their community—surprising, but true. How good men can step in and stand up for special-needs kids and their parents.

Native American Dads
…Getting Connected, and Staying Involved

American Indian dads, like all fathers, enjoy strong bonds with their children. Why good things happen when good men role-model responsible fatherhood to their own children, and to other in the community.

The Brain of a Dad
…How it Helps Teach Kids to Make Decisions

Involved dads are straight-talkers who follow through on their words. They teach how to set and achieve goals, and how to make decisions. Why dads should protect their children’s physical brains, and how children deprived of healthy emotional connections with their fathers have brains that don’t live up to their full potential.

TV Invasion
…28% of American Infants Have TVs—In Their Bedrooms!

Children ages zero-to-six spend as much time watching TV, playing video games, and staring at computer screens as they do playing outside. How setting “media rules” can boost your child’s brain development.

Dads Next Door
...They Can Be Great Adult Role Models! 

Kids need dads, but they also need other men in their lives. How volunteering at school and role modeling responsible fatherhood in your community enriches kids’ lives.

Down To Earth What?

How successful dads put their kids at the top of their priorities. The value of bear hugs, walks around the block, reading and telling stories, and wrestling on the living room floor.

Kids Need Sleep
...To Do Their Best at School and at Play

Kids who don’t get enough sleep can have attention difficulties, become easily frustrated, have difficulty controlling emotions, have trouble concentrating on schoolwork, become irritable, and be vulnerable to injury. Hear 10 things dads can do to help their child get enough sleep.

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My Promise to You...

I have a very simple promise to make to you.  If the Secrets of the Down To Earth Dad CDs don’t deliver on my promise to teach the dads who listen to them how to “Talk The Talk” and “Walk  The Walk” of involved fatherhood—or don’t enhance your STAFF’s perception of father-involvement, then I invite you to ask for a full and complete refund.

You've got 120 days to think about it, experiment with it, learn from it, and reach out to your men and families with the information contained on these CDs.  That should give you plenty of time to know one way or the other that the Secrets of the Down To Earth Dad CDs are valuable, indeed.

My Simple, No-Hassle, 2-Part Money-Back Guarantee:

1. If you're unhappy with the CDs for any reason, just tell me within 120 days for a full and courteous refund.

2. If you use CDs and you don't feel that you’ve generated more enthusiasm for father involvement among your staff and/or parents who actually listen to the audio articles, tell me that you want your money back, send me the CDs, and voila—instant refund.

Sound Fair?

I hope you think so, because I've been told my guarantee policy is more than fair.   If you don't like the CDs, or they don’t work for you at least as well as I've described, you get your money back.  (And if you ordered the Four-CD set, and you therefore qualified to receive the FREE Mp3 player,  you can KEEP the Mp3 Player -- even if you send the CDs back.)

Simple as that.

Order Yours Today!

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