The Down to Earth Dad®

How to Get Men to Do ‘Anything’ You Want

(Yes—that Means “Anything!”)


You’ve tried getting your men more involved, right?   Still, you don’t have a thriving “Dad’s Group” of super-energized men ready to do your father-involvement bidding. 


Sure, there’s that one (or two) SUPER-involved dads or grandpas, but they come and go.  Let’s face it—getting men *meaningfully* involved and keeping them involved over time is tricky at best, correct?


How To Turn Your Dads (and Grandpas) Into ‘Super-Volunteers’ Who Plan (and Implement) Father-Involvement Activities—All Year Long!


How would it be to FINALLY turn your men into a cohesive “GROUP” of good men who actually plan things that benefit your families?  Wouldn’t it be cool if they put forth VISIBLE *effort* and became a real “force” of male involvement in your program?


If you could gather your men into a single room and wave a magic wand to turn them into “Super-Involved” dads and grandpas -- overnight -- would you do it?  Of course you would!   


I have such a wand!!!  (And I can “hook” your dads into a year of “volunteering” at your program.)  And they’ll LOVE it!  And you, and your children and families, will love it, too.


I’ll show you EXACTLY how to do it!  (In fact, I’ll do it FOR you).  Just gather your men together and invite me to town!   You’ll need to serve food…and GOOD food, too.  More on that later.  


Your Down To Earth Dad

 “Evening With Dads” Will Accomplish The Following Things…


  1. Kick-start a Dad’s Group—comprised of fathers and grandfathers—once and for all that utilizes men-as-volunteers who plan actual events.  This is the FIRST meeting of the men.  During the "Evening With Dads" event, they'll PLAN their next monthly meeting of men.

  2. Fire up your men like never before!  See your dads learn to “Talk the Talk” and “Walk the Walk” of Involved Fatherhood—as individuals, and as a Dad’s Group.  By learning why Dads (and grandpas) matter so much in early childhood development and education, your men will become super-motivated to contribute to your program goals all year long.

  3. Get your men more involved -- and more *visible* to the children in your program.  An "Evening With Dads" gives your men a chance to ponder, and clarify, things they’d like to accomplish -- individuals and as a group.

  4. Watch your men take the lead!  The "Evening With Dads" gets your men leading the way to increased “male involvement” for ALL the men in your program, for the benefit of children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.   By the end of the evening, the men will have REAL GOALS outlined, and you'll come into the room and “calendar” some actual events that they’ll agree to lead.

  5. Review original ideas that YOUR MEN come up with during our evening together—things they’re actually willing to roll up their sleeves and DO for you.  Actual ACTIVITIES that benefit the entire program.   You’ll see your Dad-led group form right before your eyes—men making real plans to implement real goals on an actual timeline.


   6.   Set actual *event dates* for three upcoming father-oriented events at your program.


   7.   Set the date (and the dinner menu--dads require great food!) for the "next" Down To Earth Dad Group   


"I just talked with the wife of a dad who attended the "Evening With Dads" event last night.  She said she’s never seen him so excited about something. He's really super-motivated now and he wants to get  more involved at our program and he's looking forward to the father events and coming to the next Dad's Group meeting!!

-- Melinda Contraro, Family/Community Partnership Specialist, Tulalip Head Start/EHS Program, Marysville, Washington

"The dads are still talking about the "Evening With Dads" from last month. They loved it!  I spoke with several dads who attended, and they were very impressed with it. One parent stated that you had given the dads the opportunity to express ideas and concerns. They are fired-up about getting a group together and doing some of the activities they practiced in your session!"

-- Carolina Johnson-Parent Involvement Coordinator, Community Action Partnership of Lake County Head Start, Waukegan, Illinois


How It Works…



The Down To Earth Dad Evening With Dads starts with a "raw" (or seasoned) group of dads, and ends with a motivated TEAM of fathers/grandfathers emerging that’s ready to actually roll up their sleeves and go to work for you as super-volunteers, organizing and implementing events for fathers/grandfathers/everyone.

  • I, Patrick Mitchell, carry the whole event, start to finish, and at the end, I facilitate a discussion between you and your newly-motivated dads.  You let us all know what is “Do-Able” financially (and with respect to future needs for food, transportation, and support from your staff to carry off the events).   I run the show, so you don’t have to.

  • It is recommended that you *not* join us until the end of the evening, when you're invited in to listen to the men's "visions" for father/grandfather involvement for the sake of their own children, and for all the children in your program -- including those children without good men involved in their lives.  You're there at the very beginning of the evening, then you leave, and you come back near the end when you'll see *super-energized* men who've created "Actual Goals" and a game-plan for their goals for father involvement during the school year!
  • Dads plan their future meetings as a newly-formed Down To Earth Dad Group AND they plan for implementing their first “event.”


STEP # 1: Plan the Date



Pick an evening for me to come and interact with your dads and grandpas.   Email, or call 1-877-282-DADS to check my availability for your chosen date.



STEP # 2:  Plan the Food  



This may seem like the easy part, but it’s vitally important that you serve GREAT food, because this will bring men to the event.


STEP # 3:  Decide Which Female Staff Member Will Participate in the "Evening With Dads"


It’s not necessary for anyone on your team to join us.  There’s something positive about “just the men” meeting together -- without staff.  However, you are more than welcome to have one staff person join us near the end of the evening.  Ideally, this person will be the program director or the Parent-Involvement specialist.  This staff person will bring their calendar and share their knowledge of what they men can do from a financial standpoint, so they can implement their “top three” father-involvement goals with your approval, and get those events on the calendar. 



BONUS!!!    Free “Staff Training” the following Morning for the Teachers!


Normally, programs ask me to do a Family Storytelling Night parent-involvement and literacy-enhancement event—say, on a Thursday evening—and then a “Staff Training” the following morning.   However, you can choose to have me do this "Evening With Dads" event instead of the Family Storytelling Night—in case getting your men more involved is of greater immediate concern than enhancing literacy via your dads and moms.


Get in touch with me, and let’s plan your Evening With Dads!



Patrick M. Mitchell


1-877-282 (DADS)